VHHughes Consulting provides crisis management, strategic planning and training for established medical and non-medical executives and staff of private and public organizations and social services. We also conduct evaluations of healthcare programs for nonprofit organizations, small businesses and large corporations. We have working knowledge of Medicaid, Medicare and HEDIS Measures and can recommend policy changes based on the needs of corporations, their employees or the community at large. Lastly, we provide start up business consulting and development.

Public Health Consultant

  • Plan, implement and evaluate health care programs
  • Develop program budgets and identify funding sources
  • Grant writing
  • Develop educational materials, newsletters, workshops and reports to enhance public awareness regarding health programs
  • Establish contacts and meet with public and private organization to assist in designing health care programs and procedures

Healthcare Management Consultant

  • Act as a liaison and negotiator with medical and non-medical staff internally (often at the most senior levels), external organization, social services, voluntary groups and or the private sector
  • Strategic planning
  • Crisis Management
  • Develop trainings and presentation

Start Up Business Consultant

  • Business Planning & Development
  • Website Developer
  • Graphic Design