“Venus is a wealth of information. She provided information on grants and donation opportunities to apply for as well as resources to look into for my own professional leadership development. Speaking with her was delightful; she was charismatic, informative and resourceful. The success she has had in forging her own path makes her a tremendous asset to those wishing to do the same.” – Demetra Presley, Founder of Go With The Flow‘ 

“Venus has been a Blessing to me personally and professionally. She has provided me and my Ministry with a wealth of information to help us reach our goals. Venus has gone over and beyond as business consultant and mentor allowing me to shadow her in her Outreaches with H3P. As a business consultant she actually listened to my concerns about the direction of my Ministry and helped me reach my goals. I am forever indebted to her.” – Evangelist Jan Ward ~ABWM A Better Way Ministry Inc.

“Awesome company. Always very helpful through out all services they provide.”-Demeetre Tillery D.Tillery Photography LLC

“Venus was great to work with and provided excellent service and understanding in completing the project. I really appreciate her ability to provide services beyond what I was expecting for this project. I highly encourage others to seek out Venus and her team to conduct community health needs assessment reports.” – LaTonya Bynum U.R.A. Resource Center, LLC